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Beijing Foreign Studies University Global Index 2021 – Global Intelligence Innovation Index

Research Assistant, Beijing Foreign Studies University

2020-10 - 2023-07

This research aims to develop the Global Intelligence Innovation Index (GIII), a composite index for measuring the intelligence innovation levels of different countries. I designed a machine-learning-based method using K-means and Random Forest algorithm for index construction. Based on the national intelligence innovation framework, the index system of GIII is proposed then used to analyzed the intelligence innovation of 101 countries, providing a global landscape for policy-makers.

The Impact of Industrial Internet on Supply Chain Resilience: a Resource-Based View

Research Assistant, Beijing Foreign Studies University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2021-04 - Present

This research examines the relationship between firm resilience and industrial-internet based on a resource-based view. We identified three mediating factors in the above relationship, including visibility, collaboration and agility. In addition, we utilize internal self-control as a moderating factor. Through the Alliance of Industrial Internet, we collected 622 valid survey responses from Chinese manufacturing companies. The result suggests that higher level of industrial-internet capabilities leads to higher visibility, collaboration and agility, thus enhancing firm resilience. Internal self-control moderates the above relationships.

The Study of Industrial Internet Supply Chain Risk Based on Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation

Research Assistant, Beijing Foreign Studies University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2021-04 - Present

This research intends to contribute on the methods for identifying supply chain risk and investigate factors that effect supply chain resilience. We employ agent-based modeling and simulation method to model the behavior of firms under supply chain disruptions and use the industrial Internet supply as an example to identify its high-risk nodes. Then, by testing different parameters’ effects on the resilience measures and analyzing the results using Taguchi method, we study the factors affecting supply chain resilience.

Voucher or Cash – Empirical Study Based on International Samples

Research Assistant, Beijing Foreign Studies University

2021-04 - 2022-02

This research investigates the factors affecting economic policy makers when deciding upon policy options to boost consumption after facing the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic, in particular the policy options of cash or voucher incentives. The logit model and the random forest model is used to examine the possible factors, including macroeconomic, fiscal, social, epidemic and institutional variables, based on the data of 190 countries around the world.



Data Analyst Intern

Internship, Lenovo, Solution and Service Group

2022-07-11 - 2022-10-10

From Jul. 2022 to Oct. 2022, I joined the Solution & Services Group at Lenovo as a data analyst intern. I participated in the development of several systems, performing Python development, code review, system testing, and document maintenance.

Data Analyst Intern

Internship, Beijing Daxing International Airport Terminal, Admin. Dept.

2022-10-24 - 2023-06-27

From Oct. 2022 to Jun. 2023, I interned at the administration department of Beijing Daxing International Airport Terminal, developing a forecasting system for predicting passenger check-in time. I coded the system and performed code review.